ACHIMOTA MALL Misbehaviour of staff

Today at 4pm I came for the first time to Achimota mall, The mall is good shops are cool except the behaviour  of security staff and proper parking sign boards. There are no sign boards where to park motos and if you park at a place where even you can park a car the staff put a chain and lock on it and on your coming back argue with you that you have to park at a place which is meant for trolley parking, so if car parking place is not for motos than trolley parking place is also not meant for motos, so admin have to put a clear sign board where to park which kind of vehicle., and also advice security staff to behave with visitors.

Waheed, don't ever assume that because you are in the capital city with lots of modern facilities and seemingly civil looking people, you will have a pleasant experience. Majority of the personnel are peasants with extreme attitudes. Worse of all they lack fundamental training and the "customer is always right" concept. Their management team is even more arrogant than the underpaid and overused employees. Just chalk it down as one of many experiences you will encounter. We are not as nice as we pretend to be. But incidentally, all the nice Ghanaians are having a bad day just like you.

A lot of businesses hire locals straight off the street and assign them responsibilities with a lot of risk but no basic training and etiquette.

Welcome to the jungle of steel, clay, asphalt and concrete!


Thanks for your prompt comments, you are right that they lack training otherwise generally Ghanian are peace loving fellows.

Thanks and Regards.

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