Speaking a good spanish it´s important

:D   How are things in Spain?

Can someone recommend the best way and affordable way to learn and master the Spanish language and have a pretty good command of it Lady GEE GEE

How long do you have to study for a degree? For instance an engineering degree. They reckon about 3,000 hours of hard study to learn a language. So there are no quick fixes. Buy any reputable course, read stuff, all the usual advice but, more than anything, put in the time.

Well, Spaniards have more empathy and appreciate the effort of a foreign person who is trying to speak our language (we are the opposite of French people). But despite this, it's important to say correctly some kind of things related with the gender and the number because even though the listener tries to understand you, he/she can be confused.

It doesn't matter the language. The key is to practice. Watch TV in Spanish, set up your smartphone and your tablet in Spanish. Talk to Spanish people, if you need me, here I am. I'm willing for language exchange

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