Expat Chat: Homesickness

Do you get homesick from time-to-time? How do you deal with being away from loved ones and a familiar place?

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No, my house (my home) belongs to others now!

My solution is simple (although sometimes it takes time to implement it):
Make home the place you are in, familiarize yourself with the surroundings and people, make local friends - and don't waste time on nostalgic thoughts about the past or comparing then and now!

I'm with Beppi again - the second time tonight! If your home is where you hang your hat, then you shouldn't ever be homesick. If you hanker after some other place, you really should get back there a.s.a.p.

Actually I agree with both of you.  I am totally content where I am and have no wish to leave.
But in a way it's a matter of definition to me. In earlier days I've heard South Africans who were born in SA talking of 'home' and meaning England.
Words such as 'home country' and 'home town' even 'homesickness' to me imply or refer to the place where people grew up. Similarly in German.

El_Jost :

In earlier days I've heard South Africans who were born in SA talking of 'home' and meaning England.

My grandmother, who was born in Australia of an English man and an Irish woman, always referred to England as "home". She encouraged me to go "home". It does depend on how one thinks. On a similar theme, my father's cousin in England, who was a devout Catholic, confused me once by talking of "our little church". I assumed she meant her local RC Church, but in fact she meant the C of E one - the parish church.

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