Foreigner talks to Thai person on telephone.

I wish Thai/English speakers would relay this information to Thai-only speakers.........

-Answering incoming call: when you hear English, do not immediately hang up and say nothing!  Say "no English, bye" or say "wait" and go get an English speaker (learn 4 words).    Hanging up without "bye" is VERY IMPOLITE to foreigners, something like a foreigner pointing with his feet.

-Same as Thai calling and getting a English-only person answering the phone.  Do not panic;  settle down and surprise yourself that you can handle the call.   At the least say "wait" and get an English speaker.   Alternative, say "COW TAUGHT" ("sorry") and "bye."

-Also, when taking an incoming call, listen for the English saying the name of the person wanted on the line;  just do not simply hang up.

Am I dreaming ?

My experience er not same as Khnom.

When Thai call me and it is wrong number, They say in English "Sorry" and hang up.
Or say in Thai, Wrong number, So Sorry. And hang up.
I think over +5 years here, only a few times (2 or 3), people hang up when call me and hear me sparking English.

I never try call any place in Thailand and Thai hang up because i speak English.

Not speak (English) !!! hang up.
Please wait / Hold, And after 1-2 minute a person come to the phone the speak some / good English.
Or say in Thai, Sorry don´t speak any English.

I think that pretty good of the Thai people.
And if one want to live here, I do think one have to learn a few Thai words, So one know if the Thai say in Thai, Sorry wrong number, Or sorry but can´t speak English.

But sadly so many foreigner don´t want to learn a few words in Thai, And some foreigner think it is the Thai that have to learn English.

Me, I think it is us foreigner that have to learn the Thai language if we want to live here.


I believe we are in there country so get use to it. Or better yet learn a little thai....

Mchkin......... if there is a hang up when I say SAY WA DEE CUP, with my accent but understood by Thai, I could be an accented but functional Thai speaker but do not get the chance.   The line goes dead immediately. 
P S, a "little Thai" does not go far on the telephone... and it happens to me OFTEN, not like the rarefied world of smug typists.

If someone calls me in Urdu, I do not just hang up.

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