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Howdy. I am planning to visit Colombia within the next couple of months. I'll be in Bogota for a few days and then I like to visit Medellin and la zona cafeteria. I am opened for suggestions, coffee, lunch; etc.

Thank you, 2016Viajero.

Hi, I see you're interested in staying in Colombia long-term. If it may help you, I have worked in the Coffee Region of Manizales-Pereira since 2013.  I often contract bilingual assistants for 14-day medical mission teams that I facilitate made up of nursing and pre-med U.S. students.   I also have a guest house in Manizales called MINGA HOUSE that you can Google and find in AirBnB if you need a place to stay for a short or extended period. Either way, you are welcome, and I hope I can be helpful to you.  ok?  You're going to love exploring the Colombia Coffee Region!  I remember reaching Colombia in 2007 wishing I had more contacts.

Hello Glen. I hope you are doing well and thank you for contacting me and offering your place in Manizales, but at this point I am planning to visit Armenia, Medellin, Pereira and other towns near by. I have been to Manizales and it is a nice city. maybe we can connect while I am in Colombia. Take care

great. take care out there.

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