Car Bought in Riyadh then I'll transfer to UAE, is it ok?

Hi guys!
I am planning to buy a car here in Riyadh KSA and also about to go on Exit and start working in UAE.
will i be having a problem with my car if i want it to be with me in UAE? or do i need to undergo some processes?

Guess the car can't be 2 or 5 years old, then it'll be tough to transport i guess...

Thanks not worried about the car worried about the process i need to undergo for the car if it would be purchased from KSA then ill use it when i transfer to UAE to work..

Make sure you have UAE residency before getting the final exit for transfer of the car.

I it means its not a good idea to buy a car here in KSA when transferring to UAE? better to buy a car in UAE right? Thanx hamudi

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