CCTV Installation & Baby Monitor

Hi Everyone,
I got 2 questions at once, hope this is okay.

1. I have some cctv cameras that I bought back in Australia and they've been just sitting here forever.
Anybody knows a good electrician to install the CCTV in our house at District 2? How much does it usually cost?

2. Fellow parents, do you know a shop to buy a baby monitor here? I don't see it anywhere... Any brand is fine.

Thank you!

Can't help with CCTV but in regards to Baby Monitor we bought one in the Vincom center in Q1, its a Brevi (Italian) and a good product you will find the 'Kiddies' section I think on the 3rd floor, hope this helps!

Deepsix, thank you! Will go and check it out today.

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