Drummer Wanted

Are you a drummer? Do you know of any good drummers?
We are looking for a very good drummer to form a band and have fun. We've got a small studio in Birzebugga (we also have a practice drum set). Our musical preferences vary from classic rock to progressive rock to metal to dgent, etc. Currently we're playing tunes from Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimi Hendix, a few originals, etc. Your age doesn't matter.
About us:
We're in our 30's and 40's with day jobs. Bassist playing a 1973 Precision and guitarist playing a 7 string BC Rich (8 string custom arriving soon).
We are really looking forward to finding the cherry on the cake; someone who wants to have fun, dedicated, likes similar music and to complete a kick ass trio band (depending on how things go, even finding a fourth musician). Please contact us by replying to this post.

Hi I'm a singer songwriter so am of no use to you whatsoever but it would be nice to stay in touch! Please let me know when you're out and about gigging. Cheers


I'd recommend you drop an ad in the CLASSIFIEDS--> Musicians part of the site for more results, as forum posts like this tend to fade away rather quickly.

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