Bringing books and comics to KSA

Hello everyone,

We will soon be moving to Riyadh and organising the shipment of all our stuff there, in a container.

I read the regulations and since I got loads of books (around 2,000), I was wondering if there was any issues with:
- Magazines such as National Geographic where there can be photos of women showing too much flesh
- Comics for adults (Seinen manga for instance can be quite blunt at times)
- Art books (contemporary and classic)
- Comics for kids
- Is there a list of books on KSA that are specifically banned? (Lacey's, Vassiliev's, etc.)

Books will be in dedidacated boxes inside the container. Will customs officials go through all of them and what is their level of tolerance on immodest (but not sexual) photos/drawings?
Is there any issue bringing music CDs?

Got few paintings and sculptures. (african stuff) Would that be a problem?

Apologies for what may sound quite ignorant. Better safe than sorry I guess.

With regards to personal stuff like HiFi, are they going to tax it?

Thanks in advance for your inputs and looking forward to coming to KSA.

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