Cycling in malta

Are there any cycle tracks in Malta ?

Dangerously few.
Walking is bad enough with most pavements  full of gaping holes, dog sh*! and cars.
Cycle tracks - I think I saw one in Pembroke? - there is a new plan but...
Not exactly cycle friendly here - tho' the Dutch Embassy is trying and possibly risking all to be seen out on their bikes.
Have you driven in Malta?
That's terrifying enough on a good day.

good luck

When I moved her someone told me "cycling is suicide" and I agree. I have seen too many bad accidents since. I'm happy to be safe in my car given the lack of driving skills of a majority of the population.

Not that I am aware of.

I do a cycling trip around both islands every year and I have found some sign referring to SIBIT routes, but that was it. The actual road/path was just like everything else.

SIBIT: … ries/malta

Don't be scared by the comments of non-cyclers. Those tend to be the same on every non-super-safe country.

I have been cycling on a semi-daily basis in Malta for 14  months and never had any accident, not even a fall/drop.

Just be aware that "if a a driver does not see you, you DO NOT exist", so they may cross your path just after passing you. Even bus drivers do that.

Thanks so much for your reply.

I cycle every where unless it's pouring with rain and it would be such a shame not to get a bike and explore. Do you know if it's ok to cycle along the promenade . I seem to remember a promenade in on route to st Julian's

Yes and no.

Yes if you are under 12 years old (there are posters saying that).

But in reality, if you don't run and/or bother the people walking, nobody will stop you. Avoid busy hours.

In general, the promenade (in Sliema at least) IS NOT a cycling route.

I think only on the Sliema promenade cycling is banned, I don't know about Marsaskala. At least in St.Pauls Bay last year it was allowed. Wouldn't say cycling is the most safest thing to do in Malta, but I have been all over the island on my bike and thanks to god I am still here to tell about it. Just one fall not related with traffic, just with wanting to go by the pavement as the cycle lane mysteriously banished in the old coast road.

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