Lost passport

I lost my passport some how. I went to the police station to get a report made up, and they told me I need to bring a translator to the police station. (If I understood them correctly.) However, I can't find any information on how to bring a translator there. I don't know anyone that speaks both Bulgarian and English.

Can someone please advise/help me with this. It's a matter of urgency.

Thank you.

By all means make out the police report, but get on the phone to your embassy to report it ASAP.
Lost passports could be worth a small fortune to various bunches of criminals.

If you google for translation services in sofia, you will get several businesses who offer translation services (which may be your only option if you do not know anyone who can help you out). These tend to be expensive--- as much as 300lv for a session and there are probably translators that work for less. I would look around the police station for a translation agency.

Additionally, definitely contact your embassy as they might have a list of translators for you to try contacting.

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