Van hire from UK to BG


Hoping somebody can help.

We are looking to move to BG and are hoping to drive over from North East England to Yambol region of BG. Can you hire a van in UK and drop off in BG.

Also what is best route to take and also costs involved

I tried this for my daughter when she moved to Holland; it was almost impossible when I asked about taking it abroad from UK because of insurance difficulties; in the end I gave up and borrowed a van from work and drove it myself.  The last time I hired a car on a similar single journey for my work, it was really expensive, mainly because I would have had to pay a charge equivalent to paying someone to drive it back to the pick-up point and then fly the driver back home again.

Have you asked for some quotes from Removal companies?

Thanks for that, we will have a look at removal companies or maybe look at buying one and selling on once we get there.

If you're serious about buying, I'd consider looking round for a left-hand drive model, at least then you can sell it there.  Check out the costs of importing, registering etc though.

I did notice that Europcar rent vans - maybe worth trying them as well; they have an on-line agent chat facility.

Hi not sure if you are sorted but my friend has a empty van going over to bulgaria thought you may be able to sort something out to suit all embalmed for more information Elaine


Thanks for that but not sure when we are ready to go over as waiting to sell our house here. When are they going over, may send over some items not needed here.

Thanks again

Hi like I said it is my friend who is doing the run, he has not got an exact date as yet, like you waiting for different things to happen my email is xxx if you email me Your details I will pass the information on to Mike my friend and you can communicate between each other without me as a go between.  Thank you for replying so fast take care Elaine

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