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Are there any German language speakers or teachers in Sohar ?

Hi Jmarathe,

Welcome on board  :)

Since it is your first post on the forum could you please introduce yourself ? It makes interaction easier   :happy:

It seems you are interested in learning German, is that right ?


Yes, I have already completed B2.2 from Goethe Institute India. Would like to continue with C1. Perhaps Sohar University may have a German teacher ?

Hi Jmarathe,

i would like to know, please could you please tell me if there is any free course to learn german, as its a thought to learn initially .

there might me many courses available online but suggession based on experiance is appreciated.


Dear Deemonisha,
I would not suggest any free online course. I believe in learning thru a structured path having exams from preliminary to advanced levels. In case of German, appearing for exams of Goethe Institute. If you are unable to join their regular batch, you can get few sessions with a teacher who can guide on preparations and then take the exams as an external student.
Best wishes
Jitendra Marathe

thank you for the suggession Jitendra Marathe.Have a great day

Me too is searching for German language training center in sohar,or even private course tutor. As Goethe institute is very far in Muscat.
If there is any idea how to resolve it  please share.

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