Outstanding Drone Filmed Video of a Royal Cremation

The link below is to an outstanding video of a Royal Cremation here in Ubud last week.  It is filmed via two drones, and as far as I know, this has never been done before.

The film follows the procession from right outside the Royal Palace on Jalan Raya, down the street to the Royal Cemetery. 

Literally a “bird’s eye view” this video is lot of fun to watch! 


That gives a picture you just can't get from ground level.

I've noticed more and more local reporters are carrying drones as part of their equipment.
They've realised they can get top quality shots that would otherwise be impossible, making their news coverage much better than before.

I see the drone and news markets expanding even further in the coming year as a new breed of high quality folding drones become available.
I'm unsure as yet, but I like the look of the DJI. … -mavic-pro

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