Motorcycling in Malta

As a small densely populated island(s) Malta has a huge number of cars on the road, how is it for motorcycling? Both on tarmac and off.

Where I live in the UK there are a few BOATs byways open to all traffic, but they are extremely limited. I've seen that Malta does have a couple of hundred miles of unpaved roads, presumably gravel roads, but what about areas for off roading?

The unpaved roads are the main roads!

Go off road and you had better watch out for shotguns in or out of the 'hunting' season!


Similar to Ireland then. Thanks.

A motorcycle in Malta makes sense, not only to avoid the traffic but also to find a parking space and to reach certain places. And you can find quite a lot of bikes here !
Riding a motorcycle is always dangerous, but due to the low traffic speed here I think there are more dangerous places in Europe. I was hit 2 times by a car, but no serious damage.
However, after about 20tkm the last 3.5 years on this tiny island I can tell you, a scooter or normal motorcycle is good for around 70% of the roads, for another 10-20% (side roads) you should have a crosser and the rest can only be made on your own feet.
btw, there are very nice tracks for a crosser, esp. in the West and North  :)  but at the end you always have to find a compromise for use in Malta and Sicily as well  :cool:
If you choose your motorcycle wisely, it can be very very cheap - e.g. for my 1000cc (which I use mainly on weekends and in Sicily) I only pay 48 Euro (insurance and tax) per year.

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