Gas engineer needed / Gazszerelo

Hello! I wonder if anyone can help me.

I had a chimney inspection last year and they said one of my outlet pipes needed changing or a filter added to it...  Anyway, the inspection is coming up again and I've failed to make the changes and I need to find a gas engineer...  I'm based in Budapest VII district near Liszt Ferenc Tér.

I've been emailing various gazszerelo's I've found via google. Must have contacted over five, but none have responded.
I am learning Hungarian but can't yet make phone calls in Hungarian. Typically I know what I'm saying but not what the response is haha!
Can anyone recommend a Gazszerelo who would serve the District VII area of Bp? Ideally one that has some English.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Forget e-mail (I sent e-mails to a few businesses in hungarian recently, only like 20% bothered to answer), get someone to call them for you.

That's true, get someone to call for you.
We e-mailed a mechanic and it took him days to answer us, still has not given us a real quote for a new clutch on our car.
I rang up my dentist for a control( check up) she asked me to call her when I returned to Hungary.
No answer from her, left a message and still no call back.
I walked to her office yesterday, just missed her, was given another phone number to call her, forget it, I'll just walk back next week and try and catch her in person. Hungarians are not very good at returning phone calls.
Tag team time here, if you have a list of numbers for someone to call for you it would be faster and it would be of help to them. Also not everyone wants to pay for phone calls so you may have to let them use your phone or work out something to pay them for the calls.

Calling can also be problematic. Lost track of the number of times in Hungary, when calling the phone number given, one gets a fax machine whining in your ear instead....

I used to have a phone book that listed every business in Budapest that was suppose to speak English.
From what I know they no longer print a book but still have a online site.
Try typing in Business directory in English for Budapest.
Hope that works for you.

Thank you for all your comments. ;)
I think I found the online directory on the "Angloinfo" website.
Not sure if it will let me, but I'll paste the link here:

Also I struck gold and had an email reply from one of my initial messages - and fingers crossed have booked in an engineer to come round on Tuesday next week.
I'll let you know how it goes, or if you're reading this and in a similar situation please send me a message and I can share the contact.

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