STC clearance at the time of final exit

I had an STC joodnet 2Mbps few months back. One day I tried to upgrade the speed to 10Mbps through MYSTC and figured out that my name is blacklisted. After lot of inquiries, I come to know that there is an STC line in Jeddah (never even visited Jeddah in my 4 years of stay) under my name on which  an amount of around 900 SAR is due and until I pay that, I am not eligible for any STC services. I have visited STC office several times and called helpline many times but all in vain. They eventually said that it is under your name and you have to pay it. One STC technician once told me that there is no way out of it. Anyways, I disconnected my actual joodnet line as well.

Now the question is that I want to go on final exit and I have not paid the remaining amount for that illegal Jeddah line. Some people say that without STC clearance one can have a problem at the immigration, even if you have final exit stamped from your employer(I work in government). I want to know if some one has recently faced any issue of this kind and what was his/her experience?

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While I don't know about Final Exit but you can file a complain to CITC about having a line run by STC without your approval. Make it official as you never know that line perhaps being used for illegal stuff. www.

Brother Ehetesam is right.

I did file a complaint to STC through CITC for refund; STC closed it once, I reopened the compliant and finally STC agreed for the refund. (Thats a different story that after 2 months also I have not got the full refund amount [as expected]).

File a complaint on CITC, in sha Allah, this will solve your problem.

Thank you very much to both of you for the suggestion. I will launch a complaint there immediately.

That Jeddah line was in fact closed by STC itself due to non-payment; I think it happened before I figured that out. One STC representative once mentioned that we have done an inquiry and your iqama is available on our file (my guess is someone has misused my iqama if STC's statement is correct). I am not sure in such a situation, how can I prove that it is an illegal connection.

Ask STC to produce your authorization, a signed contract or any evidence which allows them to open that line on your iqama.

The trouble is dear that it is very hard to find someone who speaks English at the customer service center. Secondly, particularly about producing the evidence, they say that our records are in the office, not at the customer center; and there is no way to reach/approach the office.

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