Want ladies hang out friends (new to Riyadh)

Hey ladies,

Wanna have new friendship here, I'm from Jeddah since 2007 and new to Riyadh for moving job here at Olaya district and will be on Riyadh start on end July 2016.

Anyone only for ladies you can pm me and drop me your number then I will contact you ;)!
(Note : It would be great if you the same Indonesian as me, Feeling homesick xxx)

Have a nice day ladies!

Hello Noviyanti

Subscribing to the Networking in Riyadh section of the forum is a good way to be notified whenever there are other members looking for meet ups and friendship :top:

Also browse threads in that section to find other ladies looking for friends.


If you're feeling homesick by living in Jeddah, then moving from Jeddah to Riyadh will make u god knows type of sickness...good luck with you move

Hello dear friend,
My name is Dr. Prince Nero. I am only checking on you to know if you were able to get some ladies to hang out with.

I want to believe you are now enjoying your stay better here in Riyadh.
Warm regards

You will be fine dont worry , where are you ladies .!? Help this lady out please 🙏🏽

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