Working while permit B is in process, allowed?

Hi, my name is Ryan.

I recently moved to Zurich after me and my partner entered into a registered partnership, and apply for the permit B.

I will be going into give my biometric data next week and will be getting my visa B a few weeks thereafter.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.
A recruiter has contacted me with a urgent position that must be fill immediately.

Can I take up the offer and start working while I wait for the permit B?

Thank you.

Hi Ryan,
For European Union/EFTA passport holders, the situation is relatively relaxed. Free movement of people is guaranteed and when you have a job contract, the B visa is a mere formality. Working while your B visa is being produced is officially illegal, but in practice it's is no problem as long as you hold a copy of the visa B request form.
if you do not hold an EU/EFTA passport, there are strict quota regarding the number of people that get a visa B. Moreover, the employer has to prove that he cannot get EU/EFTA/Swiss people for the job. It is up to the employer to deliver this proof and to check whether free quota are available for you. When these two things are guaranteed and the application for the visa B has been handed in (in other words, it's just waiting for the visa to be produced), it is still officially illegal to work, but in practice, there should be no problem to start working.

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