Is Doukkala the best place for expat to stay?


I need some advice.

My future husband which is Moroccan man decided to start our new life in Doukkala after we got married.

i'm not sure either it a good move for me or not.

Can anyone enlighten for me before i'm making the decision?

Bad move.  Nothing there.  Wish you the best of luck anyway.  You will need it

Yeah..and I'm still thinking about it..

Thanks for the review..appreciate it

Go and Google it on go on Wikipedia and research it , I remember asking about Guelmim and got some negative remarks but I did my research and when I went for a visit and loved it


I will do my homework on this..

Doukkala is a region located in west central Morocco. it encompasses several cities including El Jadida (The capitol seat), sidi bennour, safi and youssoufia. The region is known for extensive agriculture and fisheries. El Jadida , the main city, is located about 90 Km south of Casablanca on the Atlantic ocean  and is one of the destination of many vacationers and Moroccan immigrants for summer vacation. The city has shifted from being a touristic destination to more of an industrial hub in the last 10 years, the city still maintain a charm and is considered a recluse in the fall and winter

thank you for all your response.. Decision made...i shall say goodbye to morocco for now..

I hope all expats having a great life in morocco.

I personally didn't like it. I think you made the right choice.

thank you for your response

Dear Syuhada,
I know the region very well, and from my own experience I advice you to discuss this with your future husband and reconsider this decision. There's hardly anything to be done there.For a tourist, yeah, it's a calm, and beautiful place to stay in for a couple of days, maybe months, but not a place to settle in. But for work, or business, or schooling of kids  ,I'm not sure it's the right choice. Usually students, graduates have to move to cities like casablanca, or marrakech, to study or work. However ,if you have a car that would be much easier for you
to get to casablanca in like  one hour and a half to run your business, or something.
I hope you are taking the right decision.
Best  :)

Thanks for your opinion..

As i mentioned earlier, I'm not moving to morroco anymore since the wedding is called off.

I hope admin can close this thread.

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