Buying a car in Bahrain or Saudi?

Hello all,

I'll be moving to Bahrain soon to live but will however be working in Khobar and commuting each day. At first I'll probably just hire a car for 2-4 weeks but then soon enough will be looking to buy, probably something new with the help of finance.

I'm just unsure at the moment whether to buy the car in Bahrain or Saudi, My Wife will be living in Bahrain and probably working there also. I'm just wondering which is the most hassle free, considering the purchase, the commute over the causeway, selling it on & anything else you can think of that I'm probably not aware of yet etc etc.

Thanks in advance!

Depends on the car, it can be cheaper in Saudi but if your residence is Bahrain and you want the main insurance and stuff here then I'd say buy in Bahrain. The insurance is cheaper too.

I don't think it matters either way with regards to commuting.

Other factors, you can't buy the big 4x4s in Saudi now unless you can prove you have a large family. The resale is affected.

If you needed to leave Saudi getting rid of the car could prove a hassle or you'd lose a lot of money. Exporting is a real pain, plus without the right paperwork you could be hit for customs tax.

Saudi generally is more restrictive, and the exit process and other paperwork is always a pain. Here you can pretty much self-serve any car related stuff at the relevant offices with little help.

Bahrain is generally easier to get along in, and depending on your nationality can be very easy to get in and out of, own property etc.

Personally I'd say bahrain, for long term ease and peace of mind.

Wherever you do buy from, insist on getting the original import document which shows the tax was paid on it. If you ever leave to another part of the GCC it can save a lot of $. ~5%! It can be known as the Bayan Mukasa but also other names. It must be an original, copies won't be accepted.


it's the site that all arabs buying and selling

woah... you'll find plenty of people only too eager to sell you cars not only online but on the street too.

But... be very wary who you buy your car off. For peace of mind and assurance on service history etc., you're best off buying from someone who can demonstrate a service record etc.

Unfortunately, not every nationality is as conscientious as they should be when it comes to servicing and treating vehicles as they should be treated ;)

Another option available to you is to get a vehicle on lease, from a reputed leasing company. They will take care of all the paper work, annual registrations and servicing. This may be especially convenient since they will take care of all background work that would otherwise have to be done by your wife.

Good leasing companies also provide replacement cars when the leased vehicle is not available for any reason - periodic service, garage, etc.

Sounds like good advice, much appreciated Farhaz!

bear in mind that leasing (as opposed to hiring) involves you buying the car and usually attracts interest which you pay on top of the purchase price under the lease agreement.

Thanks for the clarification suburbansam.

I actually meant "hiring". Apologies and thanks.

try www gulfautohub com also

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