Decent Salary in Shanghai

I am considering moving to Shanghai in 2016. I would like to know how much salary one should receive to live a life meeting standards.
I would be grateful if you could provide me with a list of the expenses I should take into account.

Try for living costs

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Browsing through threads in the forum section Cost of living in Shanghai  will help you gather a lot of infos about living expenses vs salary packages being proposed.


Depending on your standards, this can vary between 15'000RMB and 40'000RMB. You can spend a lot for housing in Shanghai. If you want a flat with western standard it can easily cost you 20k a month or more. Also western food is not cheap here. If you're eating in western restaurants calculate with 150 or more a day. But it's only a fraction if you eat local, or if you cook by your own.

Many local Chinese live a good live with less than 10k a month.

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yes, i agree what he said, he said is right. In fact, shanghai is a expensive city, but if you don;t have to much demands for living, then it will be ok.

Thank you very much.

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