Multiple Car Tax

I've just bought a new car and have been caught by surprise with a so called 'Progressive Tax' (if that's not an Oxymoron, I'm Brad Pitt in disguise) on multiple cars registered at one address.

Truth is, the other cars registered at my address don't reside here as they belong to my leased property owner who lives in his new house a few suburbs away from here. Of course, it's also true that the owners don't live here either, as they leased the property to me.

This is perhaps a perfect example of unintended consequences from what is probably a tax designed to help reduce traffic congestion, but the reality here is somewhat different. I'm wondering if anybody in this Forum has knowledge about the application of this tax and whether there's any avenue for me to seek exemption.

All input, in particular referrals to possible sources of help, would be much appreciated.


You will need to ask these other people to
do change of address.

BBN (bea balik nama).

The tax is designed to penalise people who own more than one car, so you might be in with a chance if the other cars are registered to someone else.
Apart from anything else, a private car should be registered to the home address, so the owners are possibly at fault.

Informing the police of this could easily be a problem for you as it could well really annoy your landlord.

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