Our experience in purchasing a home in beautiful Puerto Rico.

lgustaf :

My experience with agents in PR has lead me to believe either they don't care, are just plain unprofessional, or are lazy and do the least amount of work possible to get paid.

Not in every case but true of the majority of agents in PR. Most agents in PR are seller agents, a few like my friend Carlos which is a buyer agent are very profesional and very helpful. In many ways like you describe your practice.

As to your VSJ agent being Royalty, I believe it, sounds like a Royal Pain In The ......

By the way Closing on the 1.7 acre lot in Ceiba June 21, alternate day June 22 in case someone is indisposed.

Congrats, Rey, I was wondering how that was going!

Congrats Rey to you and your wife. You will see that after all is said and done, the headaches and everything, it is well worth it.  So when are you moving down?  How is the sale of your house in MA going?  By the way, is your real estate buddy, the same Carlos that Brian had and was it the right Carlos or the bad Carlos?  ha ha.

That was the good Carlos, I gave Brian his contact and recommended him.

We are almost done with the house repairs, wife has appointment with knee surgeon this Friday to schedule her knee replacement so she can become the bionic woman. Since she needs to recuperate from that we are not going into the house market for at least two more months.

So there is a good chance we will miss the window and end up selling next spring. We already missed this year spring sale period.

But either way it is going in the market in 2-3 months after she is able to move around.

Thanks Schuttzie and Tonie.

BrianTX thank you for such a funny and informative review of your experiences.  I too felt like I was right there with you guys experiencing it all.  Glad to hear it all went down like that and you ended up following your (your wife's) dream to be living in PR this year.

We (more like I) are just starting to look into PR as a possible location to buy a place and eventually move to.  I put countless hours into researching a place/country to see if it is what we are looking for, then we visit, check out some properties and decide if it stays on the list.  I have yet to find that Caribbean destination where I just don't want to leave.  So far Mexico(Riviera Maya/Playa del Carmen) has been the closest.  So this time we are looking into PR, visiting in November for our anniversary trip, probably hit up "the good" Carlos to get some real estate info and explore the island as much as possible. 

We are a young couple and I have a dream of living and working in the Caribbean very soon, not when I am retired.  My wonderful husband is willing to come along for the adventure as long as he is able to work in a similar type job as to what he does now.  We are looking to buy a vacation property first which will make it so much easier to make the move at a later date. 

So thankful for this site and forum and I am very eager to come explore this beautiful island!!

Hi taryna,
Let me know a week or two before you come to the island and I will give you the contact info for Good Carlos. Mean time start thinking what sort of area you want to live in and the sort of activities you like. As we get closer we will guide you toward a list of towns that meet tour needs. Dont be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice any time.
Hope you like PR

PS since you are from California and I assume you like it there, you are a young couple into sports and healthy living, you may want to seriously consider the west side of the island, around Rincon. It reminds me of coastal California with the waves and young active livestyle. There is also a friendsofrincon facebook group that you may want to check out and a good number of the members in this forum live in that part of PR.

Thanks ReyP!  I appreciate the insight.

I'll be continuing to read and research as much as possible.

So BrianTX, are you all moved in? I have not read any news about a wife of a texan in quebradilla killing her husband yet.
Now that you been in the island a few months, how is everything going?
Any updates?

Hey all. Sorry I have been terrible about updating our move to PR. We have been super busy doing things to the house both inside & out. We also have to squeeze in some beach time as well.

We have been living full time in PR for about 5 months now & we just love it!
We have had both family & friends visit us already from Texas. Everyone that visits us hates to leave haha.

We have planted 38 fruit trees on our land, built a concrete fence around the property and done a ton of updates on the inside of the house as well. It has been a lot of work but it's the fun kind of work if that makes sense.

Marina & I have learned so much about living in PR over the past months. We plan to continue to explore the island and PR living every day. I will try to be better about updating you guys.

If anyone has any questions or just want to pick my brain with regards to moving to PR, feel free to send me a message. I have gotten lots of messages from really nice folks and was able to help them out and I really enjoy doing it!

More to come soon!

Brian & Maryna

After 15 years of living part time in Pr and Part time North Carolina I am finally selling my building/studio in NC and moving full time to Ponce/Tibes. Now I am looking into shipping. Now I need to estimate the volume of boxes and furniture to be shipped. Any suggestions? I did contact La Rosa Del Monte and they offer consolidated price based on contents and volume but could not give a price without know that information. The also have exclusive containers at 53' from 15,000 to 17,000 based on volume and weight.

After getting quotes from both La Rosa Del Monte & U-pack, U-pack was cheaper by about $1,000 for our shipment. U-pack doesn't ship cars though. I'd suggest getting quotes from both as a quote costs you nothing then choose from there.


Glad you and your family are enjoying the house and your stay in PR, I was getting a little worried there.
I bet the relatives and friends are jealous.

Wow, Brian, you've accomplished so much in a short period of time on your property.  Congrats, again!

For anyone -- House insurance: - 787-749-4600 cost about $528 for an insurance value of 200,000 called Casa Cubierta. Covers Fire, Huracanes, Earthquake, additional coverage available for vandalism, flooding , damages to a third party, also there is even a plan to help with cost of electric, plumbing repairs but I do not have any info on that.

The site has a special that gives you 35% off from the posted above cost, not sure how long the special will last. So you can save about 150 from above average cost.

"His roots go back to royalty in Spain."

If he proclaims this about himself and anyone gives it one shred of respect, that's the problem right there: he has an inflated ego and has not earned the respect people give him.

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