On-line betting is it illegal

Hi, i don't know whether a post on this have been answered, if so can you send me the link or advise me on this subject please..

Is any on-line betting sites/firms illegal to use while renting long stay (not living) in Malta?
And if not is there anything i should do to my computer so i can access them, does the internet come through phone line like ours and if so what have i got to do to my laptop to have it running normal.
Thank you all for your time to read this and reply..Sorry for being a pain,but googling can through up all different answers  :unsure

E gaming is big business here.

I assume you mean using the sites

No problem with accessing sites either mobile or through static internet

As long as you are in Malta, online betting is legal ... as long as you declare the winnings as income (in the country where you are taxable) ;)
In some countries and some US states it can be illegal to use betting/gaming/lottery website which are not registered at the respective authority.

In Malta internet usually comes with the tv-cable or as mobile internet.

the only problem that you potentially can have is if to deposit money on betting sites  from your Maltese bank account, when you try to get a loan you will get refused with explanation - you are a gambler

they don't care that actually more money was put down from betting sites then deposit on them

in this case better to use papaya, skrill, neteller etc. for gaming

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