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Can anyone recommend a good/reputable auto insurance company/broker? Will be shipping car, but want more than just liability insurance. Will it be cheaper or more expensive than back in the states?

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When registering your car with the hacienda you are required to select an ins carrier and purchase the policy - about $120.  You get a window sticker to put in the windshield

I don't know about additional coverage, I'm sure it is available but I am ignorant about the details.  Perhaps someone in the know will post.

The insurance provided by the government only covers liability. There are some local companies that will provide you with full coverage. My suggestion will be to ask your current insurance company if they cover in transit. I am not sure if a insurance company in the island will provide you insurance since the car will not be registered in PR during transport.

I think the shipper does offer insurance for the transit, but not sure what it covers. Other insurance like full cover exist but i dont know much about it, i did see an article, let me see if i find it.

I am still looking but mean time check this link, it has contact information: and you can also get a quote, they appear to speak English also as part of their site is in English.

Thank you!

Rey, thanks for the info on auto insurance company. The broker was very nice and quotes us full coverage, $500 deductible for comprehensive and collision, including rental car and road side assistance for about half of what we currently pay in CA.

So that link worked for you, Glad to help. Happy driving.

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