Information Needed On Land & Soil Types For Track Build

Hi i am looking for as much help, information, advice and sugestions on type of land i need to buy , were to find it and regulations and permits needed, This is for a Freestyle Motocross/supercross  practice track/compound build. If Thank you in advanced.
I will need 220' minimum if i want 5 lanes and a start area or 6 lanes of track. That's about the same dimensions as a football shape stadium, which probably seems too wide for what i am doing because i don't need a full width starting area.
My track is outside and it has to last more than a few days. That means i have got to be able to work on it occasionally and it has to drain. You can't put your lanes right up against each other like they do in a stadiums. I have got to leave room to get a tractor or a water truck or whatever in between the lanes and i have to leave room for water to run off in between the lanes after a rain
So my guideline is a 20' lane and a 20' space, a 20' lane, a 20' space, etc... 6 lanes and 5 spaces = 220' wide. The track is going to be fenced so add another 15' or so around the perimeter for a space before the fence. So, a good minimum size is 250' x 400'.
Im better off with a piece of property with a slope or some rolling hills on it, This is because the soil you will need for building the obstacles will be generated on the site by the leveling process as you get ready to build.
Buying and trucking soil is extremely expensive and i don't want to do it if i don't have to. Additionally, I don't need to go all the way to perfectly level it. A couple feet of fall left on the site will be unnoticeable to the eye or when riding and will help me to make the finished track drain correctly after a rain.  a more natural terrain piece of property with some elevation is ok as i can go down the  natural terrain track rute.
Where is the siol coming from? am i going to dig into a hillside or bank, are you going to dig a pond, and am i going to have to buy the soil and have it trucked in? Which really is not a option
I need to plan my site around the realities of where the soil is coming from. I will need about 3,500 cu. yds for a nice full size course, and i am looking for a clay based material that will compact well to hold shape.
Well i know its a big read and your eyes are stinging but i thought it better to get it nearly all down so as best to be pointed in the righ direction, i am currently looking in the VT Province and around Sevlievo as i know there is already a track there, but would rather be a bit away as not to tread on any bodys toes and create problems.
Thank you

Hi Matt

Your looking at a major project there mate not sure how deep your pockets are but they will need to be deep!!!! As I do this type of work in the UK.

I will have a ruff guess it will cost you £20, 000 sterling or more for all what you want but remember the weather too as if on a hill side it will get washed away as the rain is very very heavy at times. Also do you know that for the amount of dirt you want you will need nearly 300 grab lorrys that they use in London!!!!!!!!!!

You will need to buy regulated land(planning permission on it) as you cannot use agriculture land as you need to have a company in BG for more than 5 years ( I know as I have land in my step sons name due to this reason) then you will need to get permission to build/run the track.

Am very interested in your little project as will bring my Bmw gsa to the track.

Get in touch with me if you need any more info.


Hi Matt,

This is hardly the place to receive all the answers you need, but basically the procedure would be:

1. Select place/area
2. Find appropriate land
3. Set up a company and buy the land
4. Change the land's status
5. Get a construction permission - plans, environmental impact assessment, fire department permission, territorial development permission
6. Hire a company to do the construction works or hire workers/machines and do it yourself

In my opinion you will need a lawyer to check some of the main points before starting and construction engineer to consult you.

(Yeah and 24 hour security ha-ha!!)  :o

Hi thanks to everyone for the replys, it has given me something to start  off with, and def food for thought, does the same apply for a private track for private use only?, Ie 1 or 2 dirt landing ramps and metal ramps and a foam pit and i would be hiring and doing the work mainly myself, with a little help from a few fellow riders here in the uk. and this is a long term project to be completed over a number of years, and as for security am hoping to live on site if possible,
Sorry if i gave the wrong impression but im not looking at shipping in the dirt, looking to for a site with good clay based soil so not having to ship it in,  ;)

All sounds pretty interesting. I was being tongue in cheek regards security.
You think you can get something like this past authorities? Regards noise pollution etc....
Most rural property has land but it might be an environmental issue? What land isn't farmed is part of nature, you must need to get passed quite a lot of red tape?
Anyway good luck, nice to see new idea's too, if done respectfully.

I was thinking about this race track idea ... why don't you try to negotiate to use a ready one ... it might turn to be cheaper at the beginning, especially if not used frequently.

I can think of at least two such tracks - one near Haskovo and the other one near Sevlievo, though not sure about sizes and designs.

Hi Matt,
Looks like a big project there.

The Sevlievo MotoX track has been voted best in the world a few times. Never seems to be used between race meets. Might be worth a visit.

Hi all thanks for you helpful info and advice, i have been looking into it a lot more regards to regulations and permits and a lot of you hit the nail right on the head, there is so much red tape  to take into account and cost wise it would not be cost affective, i am looking into other ideas like maybe rent a track, or just find a house near some good places to freeride in the countryside were other people ride without bothering anyone and be near to tracks as well, but the more rural for is better as i love the off grid type of life also were it's cheap  to buy property but not to shabby as most of the work will be done by me and builder friends but also has to be to lived in by me while work is underway, (decent squat like house ;) ) as what some class as livable is not classed as livable by others ;) as wanting to renovate over time, but i do have a race van i can stay in at first in the garden if need be,  so all suggestions are very welcome,
Again thank you for all your advice and help.

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