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Hello... my name is Mehdi I'm looking for a job in KL I've licence in law and economic. and i have diploma in marketing and communication I have 7 years of experience as manger in textile field but I can also do another activities like receptionist in hotel or in a field of publicity I have an easy contact with people so please just let me know if there is an opportunity to success

Thank you in advance

Hello Mehdi :cheers:

Kindly note that we have a section to host adverts of job hunt : Jobs offers in Kuala Lumpur. You may try your luck by creating your cv there.

Also, I invite you to read relevant articles in our Expat guide section: Work in Malaysia

I suggest you to also read threads talking about Jobs in the Working in Kuala Lumpur section forum. There is a list of jobs that are not allowed to be done by foreigners.

Best of luck in your job hunt :top:


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