Scammers, scammers be aware with someone called Garanglov.

Guys I have experience in these social networks, that woman send to a me the question 2 times and I refuse her request, we want this forum to be a better place, we came here seriously to find some help/assistance about many things from different countries, if this forums will be used with scammers as their home it will be trouble, I already report that woman to Admin, lets make this forums a safe place to get information!

I'm trying to put the screen shot of her pic and her message it does work, lets all report for that kind of scammers!!!

Her name is Garanglov....
Sorry for typing's error.

Hello Kidonto! :cheers:

Thank you for reporting members who you think could be potential scammers! Our dedicated team will look into the matter asap.

You can also Contact US if you need to share with Team.

Since the Quebec forum is only for information about Expatriation, I am presently closing down this thread.

Please inbox me if you need any more information


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