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Dear All,
I would like to ask for your advice/infos in the following case.
We would like to move to Austria. My husband already got a job offer, however, some of the terms are not ideal ( most of them are, though).
On  the other hand, it would be a great opportunity to move there.

The company who made the offer is pushing very much that he signs the contract immediately ( would start in 3 months). What happens if he signs it now, but a month later he decides that he would not like to start the work. Are there any financial/legal consequences ?

The other question: if he takes the job, and let’s say, after a year he finds that it is not as good as he thought, and he resigns, will he be eligible for unemployment money?

Thanks for any information regarding these…

Kind Regards,

That's an interesting question although it's one I can't answer but look forward to someone who can

hi there, in Austria the entitlement to receive unemployment money starts after 6 months of employment in Austria. However it is important to mention that only if the employee has been terminated by the Company or he/she signed a mutual agreement with the Company. If the employee terminates his/her contract by himself there is no entitlement. Additionaly unless the employment contract has a competitive clause for a certain period - normally max one year, your partner has every right to terminate his employment contract anytime and go to competitors. Hope this helps. Zuzi

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