Flight godparents needed on Condor to accompany dogs to Germany

Hi all,

I work with PAWS Mauritius (veterinary clinic + shelter for dogs/cats). We have a number of dogs currently at both shelters that have been adopted abroad by tourists and we need help in finding people to accompany them to Frankfurt (on Condor). It's a very straight-forward procedure - someone from PAWS will meet the passenger at the airport to check-in the dog as luggage (it travels in the hold), and the passenger just needs to pick it up at the baggage reclaim and hand over to the owner at Arrivals. This is all done at no cost to the passenger.

If you know someone who is travelling in the coming weeks or you need more information, please let me know! These dogs have a chance for a better life and living at the shelter long-term is really not in their best interests!

Thank you!

This is a fantastic initiative, I have met many people here on holiday, who fall in love with a beach or street dog and want to take them back to their Country.

Sadly flights direct to the UK costs are extremely expensive, I know as I have flown 5 dogs and 2 cats over the last few years, the last one costing Rs57,000. But they can go unaccompanied and are then met at the airport by the people who are adopting them.

The airline that the poster above is talking about takes dogs and cats very very cheaply but they can not fly alone, they must be accompanied hence the post asking for god parents. (If I recall the cost for a dog on Condor airlines is only 250 Euro's a massive saving than on other airlines.) The dog does not actually sit next to you ;) its in its crate in the hold with the suitcases ;)

So if a tourist who has fallen in love with a dog, then contacts paws, they help, find a foster home if no room at paws, and then the dog is sterilised, micro-chipped and vaccinated, 30 days later the dog can fly to its new home.

Many people do not realise but when the dog is taken to the airport it is given a full body x ray including the crate - also the guys at the airport know that many people travel on Condor as god parents for PAWS - there is nothing unusual in this.

My friends recently did this for 2 dogs, her and her husband were god parents for 2 dogs, all went exceptionally well, in fact they have kept in touch with the new owners via FB, they then stayed in Frankfurt for a holiday for 4 days :)

Hope you will pass this onto your friends , I understand that there are many dogs needing homes in our own Countries but if a person wants the dog then it is their choice on how they choose to spend their money and as the saying goes: Saving One Animal Won’t Change the World But It Will Change The World For That One Animal.

:) :) :) :)

Hi topdogij!

That's amazing work that you are doing. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who is traveling that route but could you tell me if PAWS would pay for the passenger's flight please?


Hi Natasha 123,

Unfortunately the passenger's flight is not paid for (else I would go personally  :D ) - we are looking ANYBODY travelling from Mauritius to Frankfurt on Condor (it can be a tourist visiting Mauritius or a resident going to Europe/Germany)! We book the dog as "special luggage" on that passenger's ticket. Please do ask around, we have many dogs waiting to fly, so we need all the help we can get! Thank you  :)

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