Tourist visa assistance

Good day all.
I have a brother from cameroon who wants to visit thailand and needs a toursit visa, I need help if anybody can recommend a reliable travel agent that will help to apply for the visa since we dont have embassy here in cameroon. thanks in advance.

Dear Mark

I'm sure there is such a place but having researched the matter briefly all I could find regarding the matter in hand is this:

"believe he can obtain a visa in Nigeria, and the embassy is now in Abuja and not Lagos. He might need a hotel reservation and Basic traveling allowance, and on the side , to make life easier for him, he can travel out to bangkok from Lagos instead of going back to Cameroon, several budget airlines operate out of Lagos , but if can afford BA, Virgin, Luftansa, KLM and such , he can fly out of Abuja"

Hoping someone else has a better solution for you.

Best of luck.

You could contact the embassy in Nigeria and ask if they are continuing with the mobile visits to Douala.

Contact details here:  Royal Thai Embassy Abuja

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