Colombo City - What's special ? Looking to meet people :)

Now this is my 10th or 11th time visiting this Pearl Island Sri Lanka .

I've always stayed in Negombo , in almost all the resorts :P
But the main beauty "Colombo" was always far .

Anyways I'm dropping by for 2 nights at Colombo City .
Last time I was there I couldn't find anything .
The City Center Mall is still under construction :(

Where are the best malls in Colombo , and where could I watch a movie ?
Could someone recommend me places to visit in Colombo , things to see etc .
How are the casinos ? Are they worth a visit ?

And when night prevails , how's the nightlife scenario in Colombo ?

It'd be so great to get a response , I would like to make this visit to Colombo a special one .
And yeah , if anyone from this forum want's to meet/hangout I'm ready .

Waiting for answers :)

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