Touchdown at Male City - Maldives , looking for info and friends .

Hello everyone .

I'm so excited about my trip to Maldives .
First of all let me introduce myself .

I'm Tariq from Bahrain . I'll be staying for 3 nights in Male City 27 May - 1 June .

1 . If someone could tell me about Male it would be great , where are the best water sports activities held ?
2 . Where are the best restaurants to have food , and enjoy different cuisines ?
3 . How's the nightlife in Maldives ? Is it restricted only to the resorts ?
4 . Is there Starbucks coffee shop in Male City ? If not where could I grab a good cup of coffee ?
5 . Isolated Islands ? Where to find'em

Also it'd be so great if I could meet some people living in Maldives , I'm fun to have around ;)

Hi Thariq,

Few good restuarants are listed below. Hope this helps.
* Thai Wok/ Sala Thai  for Thai food
* Seagull in Fareedhee Mgu
* Seahouse above Hulhumale' ferry terminal
* Shell beans
* Dhon Manik

No much nightlife in Male'. Restricted to restaurants, coffee shops and walk on beach only. However you can go to HIH in the evening. The place will be quite full on Thursdays and Fridays. You can go to Villingili for the water sports. It's a short ferry ride from Male'. Jet ski, Fly boarding, snorkelling, diving etc available there. I would highly recommend Diver's lodge in Villingili if you consider diving or taking up snorkelling lessons.


Hey ,

Thanks for the reply ,

What are the prices for water sports ?

Are there any arab restaurants to taste arabic food or Indian food ?

And please mention some coffee shops like Starbucks .

Thanks Mate


A discover dive might cost you around 65-70$, snorkelling lesson will cost you around 15$. I did not come across any arab restuarants in Male'. But you can get reasonably good Indian food in Dhon manik ( near carnival ground) and Kings corner. You can also try Tandoori flames and Bombay Darbar in Hulhumale'. Seagull, Costa and Akoya in Fareedhee magu will be good for coffee.


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