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Hello guys, i wanna know your experince about applying Residence Permit. I'm from indonesia and my Boyfriend is a swedish citizen. I'm gonna apply for a residence permit next week, cause we'll get married next year and of course i'll move there, but i dont wanna apply for a tourist visa cause it's not efficient.  I heard that it takes so long time to get a decision. Please share your experience here and if you dont mind, u can give me some advice.
Thank you so much :) :) :)

You should apply for resident permit soon.Cause in july they will be pushing through with the new law.Yes it takes long i am 13months today still waiting.In two weeks i will be going for my interview then after that waiting for a decision.

Hi Lily :) did u apply online? and now still waiting for your interview? ah...its crazy you had to wait for 13 months to get your interview?

Hej hej Fera,yes i applied online i got my interview email februari called the embassy they schedual my interview May.I am waiting 13 months now after the interview hoping to get decision soon

After applying the application, did they ask you for more information or documents?

Hope everything goes well😀
I pray for u too... wish you luck Lily ☺and wish me luck as well.
btw do you have BF / fam in Sweden? And why do u want to move there? :)

They ask you for more documents after the interview or when you call to schedule for the interview.It depends for instance my case when I call to schedule the interview they told me to with my marriage registration.

Oh i see,..
thanks for sharing Lily 😀 let me know if you have received the decision. I really need more info about it. Thanks 😉😉

Your most welcome Fera I will let you know.

i just got my residence visa for only 6mos. while waiting here in sweden...what we done is i got schengen visa and when im here sweden before my visa expired we applied my residence.

When did you apply for resident permit?

last december 2015

Have you scheduel for interview

nej,we just send papers,like our marriage certificate

Oh ok,but If you applied in december 2015.By now you should have receive the interview mail.Cause everyone has who applied 2015

they just interviewed the company of my husband

Ok,have you moved to sweden already?

ja im here now in sweden

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It took 6 month for me to get my resident permit. I suggest you apply the visiting visa first.

really??? :o when did you apply for it? u were so lucky.. i just applied it a couple days ago. @sariani

hi :) havent u received an email from the MV for your interview? @mariamilo

no,i never been interviewed,its always we sent our documents through online..

Yes it is. i applied August 2011 and got it done in January 2012. Since there many people coming to Sweden right now, I believe it will take a little longer. I wish you good luck.

Hey! I'm a filipina and I'm currently residing here in Dubai. I am in a relationship with a Swedish and we've applied online in migrationsverket last November 2015. I have just had a 2hrs worth of interview and I am now waiting for the decision of the migration which could probably take longer than 2 months max. Their timeline is always changing depends on the immigration's situation.

When they have queued me for an interview, they informed me that it won't take less than 5 months to contact me. I was expecting the interview will be the earliest of September but it appears that it was the other way around. I got a confirmation this July that I'm for interview and have just gotten the interview this afternoon.

you have swedish bf and it so different case for you. some danish citizen and married asian womens they go here and live to sweden but theyre are not authorize to work and study in sweden but are previlage to stay here.they to have wait  they permanet resident also and thats it take longer time for them.

by the way im a filipina whose married to a danish we move here to sweden to be more closed to her only daughter,i just waited my resident permit for only 6 months and now i already spent two months in my work,and i start my SFI this august 29..and my husband just got his work right away when we moved here😉

its a lot of danish people  live in  sweden now due to the imigratation restriction in denmark.and goodluck.

as of now im not updated with the rules of immigration here in sweden but in my case i dont waited so long for
my residence visa,all i can say to everyone especially to my fellow kababayan whos in doubt its better to get info in their website☺️

wishing u all the luck,i really hope u get ur visa as soon as possible and be with ur bf😀

Hi ouieerr,

I saw your post, im currently in Dubai too waiting for my permit. Have you granted or still waiting?

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