Allege U.S., Canada and Israel Improperly Extradited EC Expats

Ecuador’s Interior Ministry says there have been at least eight instances since 2008 in which Expats legally residing in Ecuador have been snatched up by foreign law-enforcement agencies and returned to their home countries for justice.

A ministry spokesman says the U.S. (five instances), Canada (two) and Israel (one) acted without seeking the cooperation of the EC government in those cases, one as recently as March of this year (2016). 

The crimes for which the Expats were sought were tax evasion, sales of technical secrets, sex trafficking and parole violations.  The ministry did not provide details of these cases.

The ministry says Ecuador cooperates with foreign law-enforcement in such matters when properly advised, but is objecting to foreign governments’ unilateral extradition of legal-resident Expats.

One case in which Ecuador cooperated with the U.S. government was the 2014 arrest of an Expat named Patrick Minga, who was operating a hotel in the Quito area and allegedly arranged sex tours involving minor girls for travelers from the U.S.  Minga was caught in Alabama in an FBI sting after advertising on  He agreed to a plea deal and admitted to the crime in a federal courtroom in Orlando, Florida.


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