How to Ship items from Philippines to Australia

Ive been in Philippines for some time now and have accumulated a few items that I would like to ship back to Australia.

Could someone give me any suggestions and maybe a estimate on shipping costs.

Kind Regards

Have you tried LBC?

Im thinking  a big shipment l, like a container

They do containers too, I think

Best go online and search for info.
Plenty of shipping companies to get quotes from.

Found one with 20ft container $1000, 40ft $1300.There would be additional costs such as customs check and possible duties, storage, transport etc.

You should do more researches on moving, such as things you need to know before you move, or things that movers dont want you to know, check this site, … -know.html

Or search for site that offers price comparison tool such as Gawin Philippines and get an idea on which type of movers and prices that you want. Best of luck :)

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