Any material suggestions about Tennis strokes techniques, PDFs or videos?
Thanks  :)

you can easily find hundreds short videos from famous coach incl. nick youtube -
Bollettiery also release dvd set of 6, very comprehensive and detail. I have this DVD set.
don't know your level, but I recommend to get good coach (plenty in Egypt) to help you.

Thanks masTKI, appreciate it!  :)

i am looking for a tennis mate to play with me, if u are interested pls let me know


Thanks for the invitation :)

Since Tennis is a "live" game, not to be played online, it makes sense first to know whom I'll have the honor to meet on court.
The identity is important.  Of course, this applies to me.
So, if you'd like to introduce yourself, it would please me. After all, Tennis is about a human meets a human, not a racket swings to a racket. (Even a racket has identifying info.)  ;)

Hi Bebox,
there is a website called
and also there's a video lessons
which have 4 lessons about how play tennis
i hope it's helpful to you

Thanks Medhat, appreciate it.

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