Looking to make friends

Hey all,
I will be moving to Budapest in September, and im looking to establish some connections and try to make friends ahead of my arrival.
I enjoy reading, coffee, walking and old architecture, among other hobbies. I am a girl in my late 20's, but i am looking for friends of both genders, preferably close to my own age.
If you are interested, feel free to write me :)

Hello PinkBunny :cheers:

I invite you to subscribe to the Networking in Budapest section of the site to increase your chances to meet new friends.


Also, see the menu above: "Community -> Members". Some members do not actively comment at the forums, and may not see your message. So maybe you can find a few there to contact as well.

Hi PinkBunny!

I also like walking and old architecture (used to study it). I live in Budapest, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me ...

Hi yes have a look at the internations website. it is a very popular site with many activities and social groups among the xpats here in Hungary and lots to join in with in Budapest


Hi PinkBunny

I'm also living in Budapest and i love meeting new people and making new friends :)
if you like us to meet later just contact me i would love to be one of your new friends :)

Hi! I'm 29, female and just moved to Budapest! I dont know anyone here except my boyfriend...i am soooo bored!  :idontagree:
I have similar interests as you and i would love to grab a coffee or something!

Hey, I am female too in my early 20's. Have been living here for couple months and also know just my boyfriend, bored out of my mind .
Would love the same thing!

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