We have been in Spain for three months. Just after arrival we were warned, by a fellow Brit , that the people most likely to rip off a Brit was another Brit. I would like to here other ex pat points of view. We have been ripped off twice since that warning. Any guesses as to the nationality of the guilty party?

Yes we also got ripped off twice when we first arrived in Spain 5 years ago. Since then no way do we employ or buy from Brits - strictly Spanish all the time. They are honest and good workers and so friendly. Vive España.

Ripped off how?

When we first arrived we decided to get a package to watch the usual UK programmes and to be able to record them. After researching and trawling through the freebies we found a company that seemed OK and after several telephone calls we were told that this certain package would do all these things. They came and set it all up and said that we also needed something attaching to the aerial which would increase the price. When it was set up we found that it would not do half the things promised and the only recording we could do was to record the programme we were already watching. After complaining and reminding them that they guaranteed money back if not satisfied - we had to put up with a lot of abuse and phone slamming down - NO we did not get a refund and we still have the package stashed away in the garage. We then got another firm to come and sort us out and they confirmed that the original company was known for ripping off newcomers to Spain - especially the elderly AND that the original company had not fitted anything to the aerial - so we were ripped off yet again. So now it is Spanish tradesmen all the time.

Good to know. I am an American and just arrived in Spain. I have found the Spanairds very warm and extremely helpful. The reason this subject perked my interest is because before I arrived I had connected with a rental agency over the interwebs about getting a rental. It was a British agency. They put me in touch with another British man. He said he had a rental. After a lot of back and forth he said he needed me to send my passport #. I thought that was odd. No way am I emailing my # to a stranger.

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