Finding Work In Crete

I am realizing just how hard it is to find work in Crete. I am trying to relocates there to be with future wife and would like to work. I have money based on my military retirement to survive. We would even entertain moving to another part of Greece if we could find jobs.  She has a stable job in Crete and I do not want to uproot her because of the job situation in Greece. Can anyone provide and feedback on how they dealt with is problem when they relocated.

Hi,I think you are just going to accept that jobs are practically non-existant,especially on Islands unless you want possibly seasonal bar work or working on a farm.At least one of you has a job and you have your pension.Why dont you just settle in,learn the language and see how things go.I think I advised you before to try and do some work for expats around Crete,if you can turn your hand to various jobs.Try to rent a piece of land to grow as much as you can for your family,some chickens etc..fruit trees.Fishing will bring in some food too and keep you occupied.Im sure all will turn out fine.

concertina, thanks. That is what we are looking at doing if I cannot find any work. Just settle down and start our family. With her job and my pension we will be well off. I do not mind finding work on a farm or working at a café. I am a active person and just need something to keep me busy even if it is part time.  Bottom line is that I am just looking forward to getting settled and enjoying the Greek life. Thanks you for all of the support that you have provided so far in helping me make this a smooth move.

Well keep us posted how things go along wont you,all your ups and down once you settle in,how you find Greek,Cretan life,your gonna love it,best wishes from Concertina,keep in touch.

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