My visit to Belize - Stayed at Hodes

i Just spent one month visit to Belize. I spent the one month in the Cayo District. I want to relocate to Belize later this year. It was HOT in April. This is my third trip to Belize. The last time was in Corozal. San Ignacio was hot and humid. Coming fro Southern California, I do understand it is a change, but I did not acclimate to the the temp. I stayed at Hodes, with air conditioned. It was a nice trip. I plan to return in November, I would like to visit Plancencia . I had a great time at Hodes.

That is so nice to know that you had fun, and am glad to know that you are planning on returning soon.  I do live in San Ignacio as well. do have a wonderful day.

Luis,  my next trip will be in November, but a change of scenery, this time I will stay in Carozal, but I do plan to visit San Ignacio. When you stay in a place for one month, you meet a lot of people, I would like to see them again, they made my trip worth while, even with the humidity. I would like to go back to Hodes, and see them again.

that's so awesome. Belize always welcome's you.

Great you enjoyed your time here in San Ignacio ! I always do recommend Hode's place for it's cleanliness, location and super friendly service.

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