Iqama expiring in a week - can I travel to Bahrain over weekend?

My iqama and my multip exit-reentry visa both expire next week on Wednesday. Can I travel to Bahrain this weekend? Would it be possible to get visa on arrival? Or are you required to have a 3 or 6 month validity of your iqama?

don't think it will be a problem but you'll find out at the border!

Oops - I prefer to not finding out at the border..we'll be travelling all the way from Riyadh!

When are you gonna travel ?

If it is after a week or so , I suggest you get an eVisa .

I was planning to go Friday morning...

And are you allowed to travel across the Causeway with an eVisa?

Are you gonna use the causeway or fly into Manama ?

Anyways as long as your Saudi "Multiple Exit and Re-Entry" is valid , you will be allowed entry into Bahrain .

But why don't you renew the Iqama and go ?

Iqama renewal is just an half hour work now !

And yes you can visit Bahrain over the causeway using the eVisa.

We have been trying to get the iqama renewed since last week - somebody from HR was on holiday. Then somebody from Finance went on holiday this week. So we have been told it cannot be done before Sunday.

We plan on travelling Friday morning. I will look into this eVisa thing. How long does it take?

eVisa will take long , maybe 5-6 days
They don't work on weekends , so it's a risk .

I crossed the causeway with even 1 day left in my Mutltiple Re-entry.

Have you entered bahrain lately. IF yes, they will not check your iqama. If no, there's a chance the passport control asks for it and see its near expiry and refuses you. There's also a chance that they won't say anything. But if you're flying from riyadh, better renew them both, it takes less than a week nowadays and be safe.

How did you get on?

We didn't go :)

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