New Wthiq service - Authenticate your voice/data SIM cards online

A new service has been launched by Ministry of Interior to validate your mobile and data cards without visiting the service provider for finger scanning.

How does it work:
Ministry of Interior has your digital fingerprints. Using this service, you'll relay a request to your service provider (STC, Mobile, Zain, Virgin or Lebara) using your MOI account aka Absher.

How to...?
1- Visit your Absher account (
2- Log in with your credentials (if you have an account; if not create one).
3- In the eServices menu >> SIM Card Authentication >> click "Wthiq" SIM Card Authentication
4- Choose if it is voice card or data card.
5- Type your number like 0555555555
6- From the list choose the service provider
7- Click 'Send Authentication Request'
8- An SMS will come to your mobile number (not for data card). Type it in the screen.
9- Click 'Confirm Authentication Request'

You can log in and check the status of your request. In initial time of the launch of the service, it will be 'Under Process' for long time.

Thanks for the great info!

it worked for me!

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