Is there any place to buy a home phone?

I have Magic Jack which requires a simple plug in phone yet all I have managed to find are cell phones.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Since a few (very few...) places use land line phones, I'm sure it's possible to buy them somewhere.
I've seen some phones at PBC in the past, but that was maybe 2 years ago...
Have you asked your phone line provider?

If everything else fails, order from Ali Express...

No hadn't tried the means you suggested, I've just managed to get through my first month.

PBC? I may try Ali Express

   Thank You

PBC = Peace Book Shop
Hmmm... maybe not exactly, but something like that.
They have about a dozen shops all over Phnom Penh.

GREAT, I'll map it and give it a shot.

Thank You

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