New in Kuala Lumpur

Dear Expat Friends,

I am totally new in Kuala Lumpur , so any advice, tricks and tips are welcomed. I am searching for communities and events to join. Anything useful about culture, job opportunities, sport,  Argentine tango, please feel free to share it with me.

Hye andrea,

How are you?.. I'm Nasya.. I like your idea.. Can i join your activities...?.. I can show you Malay's traditional culture and some of good place here..


Hi Nasya,

Sure, I will let you know and thanks for the opportunity:)

See you soon.


How about join a fitness club? In Bangsar, KL.  Healthy lifestyle.  Running clinic on Sundays.
Have a good day!

Hi, I plan to have a photography outing in Kl and selangor area. If you interested, let me know ;)

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good day
if interested in teaching English as a part-time job pls let me know

Okay dear may i know more about you.

My dear
I can share with you all matters. If I know more about you.

I am local.  What type of people or events you're interested in?  Are you multi talented?  What have you got to offer?  Can you speak Malay?  Where are you now?

If you need my advice talk to me,  just call me MIa.  Tq

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Welcome to kuala lumpur.. I am a local malaysian ,email me if u needs help... ***

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Hi! I just moved here too, would be great to meet some more people. I have found some fun  things to do already, but still hunting for more. I just found this film festival is on, looks interesting to me. Can message me if you would like to join.

Yes, the film festival is coming on in kl... It's a yearly event...would u like to go

Hi you might find something you might like it

Hi there ,
Welcome to Malaysia, this coming Tuesday 30th Aug yout could go to klcc area which is near tour the twin towers. There will be a 8 min fireworks at 12 midnight. Hope you will enjoy.


i will be landing on coming October, and will be staying in a hotel for month, i have to look for a job, i have almost 17 years of working experience in Pakistan and UAE, in different industries being multi-tasker,

what are my chances to get a job there?

where should i look for a job in which city an honest opinion will be appreciated,


Hey there - that looks damn interesting.  How did it work out for ya? thanks

Hi .

Hi Shssk,

I would be interested in teaching English on part time basis. Kindly email me at, xxx


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Hi everyone,

@ Sulmanw, Shssk has an advert in the Language classes in Kuala Lumpur, it will be better if you contact him directly through his advert and have a look at the requirements.

All the best,

Anyone likes the idea for a road trip ? May we can get together and organize a short road trip or weekend trip....Some of us (locals) can drive to a near by town or state perhaps? That will be fun ...

i'm in!  :D


Im a freelance photographer - Expat in KL..

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Hello everyone!

My name is Ella. I recently moved to Kuala Lumpur for an internship. Due to the working hours / environment it is difficult to make friends. I am really keen to explore more of the city so if there is anyone who is in need of a friend or some company I will almost certainly be around. :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hey Im new as well, it's my first week if you want to meet up for a coffee or something let me know

Im in the same situation! Ive been here for a while but ready to explore and meet people . !

Im happy to meet new people like myself as an expat in malaysia. Drop me a message

I'm also new here in Malaysia ready to explore the beauty of Malaysia and meet new friends.

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