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Good day to all.
I am currently in Al ahasa but in sha Allah will be moving to Tabuk for work. Are there any Notary publics in KSA that can notarize court docs that need to be sent to U.S.? If you have any info. please contact me by pm

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Bro, if you are an expat attest documents from your consulate/ embassy no Notary publics attestations here

These are docs that have to be sent to US for another party to have notarized and filed. There wont be a problem?

there are notaries in both the US consulate in Jeddah and US embassy in Riyadh. You have to make an appointment and it is usually only open for a 3 hours a day.

If they are required for paperwork in the US with your signature you must be the person who takes them to a notary. They will not be accepted in the US otherwise.


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