Buying bags in Shenzhen / Lo Wu

I have a group of friends coming to Hong Kong from the UK.  They have asked me about buying some replica handbags during their visit.  This is something I know NOTHING about.  I went to Lo Wu Commercial Center yesterday and looked at a number of bags ranging from ¥450 to ¥1,500 but I really don't know if this is a good deal or poor imitations. 

Can anyone advise?  Where would a SZ resident go to buy this sort of thing? Any tips and advice really appreciated.

Although it's not really right to encourage buying those, the prices you have listed are off range. You may want to check out dongmen market (东门老街)which is in luohu district. It's for locals and things there are a lot cheaper. Including those that you are looking for.

Thanks.  I have been to Dong Men before but don't know the area well.  Anywhere in particular you can recommend?

I Haven't been there for a while. There were a few old commercial buildings as I recall. Entrances are in the allays. You shall see a lot of local young shoppers goings into those entrances. Just follow them. Inside of those buildings it's something like a indoor fashion market with hundreds of small shops. Take you couple of hours to go through them. Oh, you have to go to the "old street" 老街first to find those back allays. Nevertheless, it will be a good sightseeing for your travelling friend to see a bit of local Shenzhen. Have fun.

Thank you, will pass that information on.

Hi, Im Jerry, living in Shenzhen. rgd ur post on the bags in LuoHu, i wouldn't really give my utmost recommendations on that. Most of it are Dbl AAs or Triple AAAs replicas. Those ripoff shops are there to chipchop foreigners & tourist. You may wanna headoff to Guangzhou, 1:1 high quality replicas exist over there. Pm me, on more private infos,

Jerry is right, you can find many replica stuff (hand bags, watches, classes, balabala...)in guangzhou near railway station. I'm living in GZ and somethings take around there with my friends.

Your friends will know!  And go for a 50% discount of the asking price. You'll usually get it but you need to look serious and walk away saying too high too high...

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