Local weekly wages for labourers, house maid, waitresses etc?

What is the average weekly wages for labourers ,resort staff , house maids, bar staff and waitresses.
Thanks Glenn

The award wage is 170vt per hour, or 30,000vt per month. This is normally paid as 15,000vt per fortnight.
If I want to pay higher wages, this is done as an attendance bonus and those staff cannot have a day off or loose their bonus. ALL staff start on a probation period

170vt per hour

Hi , I am new to this blog but am very happy that I have a look at it as this is our 1st week here in Vanuatu. We have been trying to find out the rate for housemaid and finally I read your very helpful and insight fact  regarding wages and rewards.
As we are running short on time, any insight on how to get a reliable housemaid ? we have a 10yr old daughter who just started at PVIS and will be going to school with the housemaid as I will be working.
I can aslo be contact at xxx


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