Drinking Water?

I assume the water out of the tap is drinkable? Do people use a filter? Let me know what you do on the island for drinking water without contaminates (chlorine, minerals, fluoride, etc). I currently have a reverse osmosis system in my house on the mainland, but we will be renting when we first get to PR and wanted to see what others are doing. Thanks in advance.

well...the water from the tap is drinkable, but we buy bottled water for drinking and making ice.   

Once we have a kitchen, a filter for the tap will be on my list.

Agreed; the water is safe, but better with a simple tap filter. I use Pųr filters.

We have been told that pr water is safe .However I only drink bottled water. Sorry .I personally don't trust goverments

Most people used tap water to cook and buy bottle water for drinking. Mostly because of the taste. Most likely if you ask for water at a restaurant it will be tap water unless you ask for bottle.

The EPA monitors PR water just like in the States. It is perfectly safe. I buy sparkling water (agua con gas) to drink mostly, just cause I like the little bubbles.

Thanks everybody! I found a portable (on the counter) filter online that says it will purify up to 3 gallons an hour. I will go to Home Depot and check it out and see if it oils something that will work. I drink around a 1/2 - 1 gallon of water a day, so I need to find a different option besides bottled.

I guess that brings another question, is recycling a priority in PR?

In Old Town, where I have my apartment, there is one big trash container for recylables and one for regular trash on every block.

In Rincon they come once a week for recycling. They give you a large bag for plastic paper and cans. However they don't recycle glass.  When I lived in cabo rojo and arecibo they didn't have recycling

Recycling is its infancy in PR. Each town is different.

TravelingJ, could you share which filter you found?

We bought this Pur water dispenser and we love it, the refill filters are very reasonable as well.

Quebradillas has recycling pick up once per week at your home as well

Schutzie, the one I found was at Home Depot. Unfortunately they do not ship to PR, but I will bring down with me in my check-in luggage. It is called APEC Water system. Here is a link to it on Home Depot's website. Hope it helps. … er_reviews

Thank you!

We have a filtered water dispenser in our refrigerator, that removes minerals, heavy metals, and other impurities, if they exist.   To me, the tap water tastes slightly like dirt, so the issue is mostly one of taste.

I think most municipalities have recycling facilities, you just have to ask around to find them.   Here in Aguada, there is a drop-off recycling center that accepts plastic, paper, and cardboard boxes.   They do not accept glass, Styrofoam, or coated cardboard or paper (like soy milk cartons and shiny newspaper adds).  They provide a large garbage bag to pack your stuff in if you ask for one at the office next door.  I have been told that they will pick up if you call and schedule it, but we haven't done this as the center is just down the road and easy to get to.

Where do you buy Purple filters.. we looked at Walmart and Kmart and could not find filters. We went to the Walmart in Isabela and a Kmart on the other side of Aguadilla

Try Home Depot.

Amazon, they ship to the island. With Amazon Prime shipping is free to PR.

There is a water store in Mayagüez, sells reverse osmosis water for about 35 cents/gallon.

taste is mostly modified by the active charcoal. you can install a filter under the sink to service a spigot and also the refrigerator, that way the refrigerator water and ice is being filtered twice and the refrigerator filter will last much longer.

Home Depot and Amazon best choices, also there are outfits that install filtration systems. … -Agua.html for example. They also have water softener equipment if you have hard water.

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